Hello all, this is a notice to inform everyone that Blogger Coach will be online again in the very near future – with fresh new content, and whole new look + approach.

If you’re intrested in writing for us, drop me a message. You should know where to find me already 😉

Stay tuned for Blogger Coach updates coming in very soon!

What will it be?

Blogger coach will be a resource for all aspiring bloggers and blog lovers. You will learn everything about the scene, and how professional blogging is really do behind the scenes. We will share stuff that others don’t dare to share, for the fear of losing their business. But we at Blogger Coach have no fear over that, since great content is the requirement number one. And that is ultimately the most important thing, which cannot be replaced by trickery (but a boost can be the difference between 100 or 100 000 000 monthly reads!)

That is why we want to teach you these “boosts” – because we believe in leveling the playing field for everyone, so that great content is truly the only thing that stand out.

Thank you!

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